Obtaining a Building Permit

Residential checklists, commercial checklists, and zoning inspector contacts can be obtained from our office or online. Below are the steps to obtaining a building permit.
  1. Obtain a zoning permit from your local zoning administrator for the proposed structure.
  2. Obtain, if applicable, address for the new structure by contacting the county Planning Commission. If in a city, village, or Ashtabula Township, please contact the respective municipalities.
  3. Obtain, if applicable, a plumbing permit from the Health Department and a sewer/septic permit from the Health Department or Sanitary Engineer.
  4. Prepare necessary drawings and plans for the new structure. All sets of plans must be neat, detailed and legible and drawn on plain white paper of drafting paper, bearing the name, address, and phone number of the draftsman and containing the following sheets:
  5. All Commercial drawings must bear the seal and original signature of the design professional responsible for their preparation.
    • An index of the drawings on the first sheet.
    • A plot plan, showing street location, parcel number, location of proposed building on the site, location of all adjacent structures on the site, distances between buildings on the site, setback and side yard dimensions, locations of all existing utilities. In the case of commercial drawings, soil bearing information is also required.
    • Floor plans, including plans of existing or attached structures, if applicable. Floor plans should show size and swing of all doors, location and sizes of all ramps, windows, shafts, and other relevant information. Walls of rooms should be drawn to scale when possible and plans should include the name of all rooms or spaces. All plans must be completely dimensioned. Floor plans for room additions must include the portion of the existing structure where the connection will be made.
    • All elevations necessary to completely describe the exterior of the new structure
    • along with any existing portion of structure, if applicable.
    • Cross sections, wall sections, and details as may be required to describe the general building construction including all walls, ceiling, floor, and roof material, systems and connections.
    • Complete structural description of the building, including beam sizes and spans, joist sizes and spacing, stud size and spacing floor and roof live loads, and any other pertinent data.
    • Complete heating, cooling, and/or electrical drawings.
    • Sprinkler system or fire suppression drawings, if applicable.
  6. Visit the Building Department to finalize application, drop off minimum of 2 sets of drawings and pay applicable fees. A minimum of 4 sets of drawings are needed for commercial projects. All commercial drawings must bear the seal of a Registered Design Professional.
  7. Return to Building Department when notified to pick up approved set of drawings with building permit, or to pick up drawings to be revised or corrected. Approved drawings may also be returned to you via mail.