Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is an 11 member board comprised of the 3 county commissioners and 8 community members who are chosen for their knowledge and expertise from various areas of the County.
  • Commissioner J. P. Ducro IV
  • Commissioner Casey Kozlowski
  • Commissioner Kathryn Whittington
  • William Douglas - Geneva Township
  • Debbie Friedstrom - Plymouth Township
  • Jarrod Dixon - Saybrook Township
  • David Hartz - Orwell Village
  • Sandra Kanicki - Pierpont Township
  • Jacklyn Krysa - Austinburg Township
  • Thomas Likavec - Colebrook Township
  • Steve McClure - Ashtabula Township
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The Planning Commission meets each month on the third Monday of the month at 4:30 PM in the Commissioners meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Old Courthous, 25 West Jefferson Street, Jefferson, OH.  If the regular meeting day is a government holiday, the meeting is held on Tuesday.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available 5 days prior to the Planning Commission Meeting.  Minutes are available following Planning Commission approval.
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The Planning Commission has approval authority over plats for major subdivisions, replats of existing subdivisions, and makes recommendations for township rezonings and text amendments. The Division of Planning is an office under the county commissioners. 

Planning Department's Responsibilities to the Planning Commission

  • Prepare cases for review and approval from the ACPC for preliminary plans and plats of major subdivisions and replats.
  • Review and approve applications for minor subdivisions, commonly known as lot splits under five acres in area.
  • Assign address numbers to 26 of the 27 townships in the County (Ashtabula excluded).
  • House all census data for the County and answer census related questions.
  • Assist townships with review of rezoning requests and text amendments.
  • Answers various questions on land use and planning issues.
  • Prepares strategic and thematic master plans including land use, zoning, and transportation by geography or topic.
  • Reviews, writes, and revises County Subdivision Regulations.
  • Advises County Commissioners, Prosecutor, and other county departments and agencies regarding land use and zoning.