Community Safety

One of the most tragic events in American history occurred on September 11, 2001. As the news of Anthrax, bomb threats, and other serious concerns increase, citizens are afraid, confused, and uncertain how to respond. However, even in times of crisis, individuals can and should take action to make their homes, work places and communities safer. Crime and terrorism are very different. But they both victimize individuals and cause them to change their lifestyles out of fear. What can you do to increase security in this world where everything has changed? Heighten alertness to what’s going on around you. Work with law enforcement in your area on specific security issues and strategies and mobilize with family, neighbors and friends to build community: there will always be strength in numbers and relationship.

Being Ever Vigilant
The most effective way to prevent crime is through common-sense, awareness and basic safety precautions. Homeland Security translated for residents involves an acute awareness of what’s going on in your environment all the time. You prepare to be safe, and think ahead what to do if something out of the ordinary occurs. Just as crime prevention is a way of thinking and acting that focuses on reducing the opportunity for crime, remaining alert reduces potential danger before it occurs. Learn where emergency or staircase exits are located, and how to escape or evacuate a building or public area in a hurry.

Review the different ways you can keep you community safe below.

Safety Methods