Report Suspicious Activity

Suspicious Activity
Now more than ever citizens need to report suspicious activities to law enforcement. For neighborhoods, shopping malls, plazas and workplaces to remain safe, law enforcement needs citizens to help them with information about activities that should be checked out foe safety.
  • Individuals asking unusual questions, appearing uncertain of questions of their purpose.
  • Cars driving past an area repeatedly, or parking for extended periods of time in an unusual place.
  • Individuals walking around a home or business, looking into windows or trying out doors.
  • Strangers offering packages, or luggage left unattended.
  • Unusual items a person is carrying for the setting or activity.
  • Mail that’s unexpected, lopsided or lumpy, sealed with excessive tape, in illegible handwriting or has excessive postage.
Reporting Activity
The best time to report suspicious activity is as soon as you observe it. You will be able to describe details to law enforcement agencies and stay on the line to respond to additional questions they might have for you.