Court Officers

Probate Judge

The Honorable Albert S. Camplese is the Judge and Clerk of the Ashtabula County Probate Court. This Court of Common Pleas Judgeship is an elected position with a six year term. As the Clerk of the Probate Court, the Judge is responsible for keeping and maintaining all records and filings in the Probate Court. 


Under Ohio Law, a Judge may appoint Magistrates, who are attorneys admitted to practice in this State, to handle certain cases filed with the Court. Due to its increasing case load, the Ashtabula County Probate Court uses a Magistrate to assist the Judge in the operation of the Court. The Magistrate hears cases and issues decisions which may become the Court’s Order or be modified by the Judge upon review. Use of a Magistrate has proven to be an efficient and effective means of handling the increasing volume of filings in the Ashtabula County Probate Court.

Deputy Clerks

The Ohio Constitution and the Ohio Revised code authorizes the Probate Judge to appoint Deputy Clerks to assist in carrying out the business of the Court. The specific task of each clerk varies from that of issuing marriage licenses to handling and reviewing inventories and accounts. Each clerk is authorized to act in an official capacity to certify records and accept filings for the Probate Court.