Commercial Permit Requirements

  1. Any new construction regardless of size, use groups, or construction classification.
  2. The alteration of any commercial structure which includes:
    • The addition, deletion, or movement of any walls or structural components or portions thereof.
    • The change in size, direction of swing, or change in location of any door or window.
    • The addition of any new square footage, including porches, and patios, to any commercial structure.
    • The alteration of, additions to, or replacement of any sprinkler system piping, standpipes, mechanical or chimney vent pipes, or electrical wiring, fixtures, devices, or equipment.
    • Exception: The repair or replacement of damaged of defective electrical devices with similar devices will be considered maintenance and will not require a permit.
  3. The change from one use group to another use group of the use of any commercial structure.
  4. The demolition of any commercial structure.
  5. The relocation of any existing structure.
  6. The footer, foundation, structural and electrical portions of any free-standing sign.
  7. A minimum plan review fee of $51.50 must accompany the application.