Public Awareness

Increase public awareness of resource conservation issues.

  • Promote natural resource management through public forums, mass media and direct contact with elected officials.
  • Promote soils based information with all land users, agencies, groups and organizations through public forums and mass media.
  • Host tours for County Commissioners, elected officials and conservation groups promoting natural resource needs and accomplishments.
  • Promote youth conservation education in our schools utilizing all available conservation education tools.
  • Promote adult conservation education.
  • Promote and educate the public to the use of conservation easements as a tool to maintain/improve riparian corridors.
  • Support and participate in the Grand River Partnership and its efforts to improve and maintain the quality of the watershed.
  • Promote the creation of watershed partnerships and their respective efforts to improve/maintain the quality of the watershed.
  • Participate whenever possible on committees, advisory councils, councils and boards which uphold natural resource management.
  • Revise and re-evaluate county resource data.