Public Record Requests

The Ashtabula County Board of Commissioners provide access to its public records in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43. The Board provides prompt inspection of public records and/or will provide copies of public records within a reasonable period of time. In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and court rulings, a record is defined as any item kept by a public office that meets all of the following: 
  • Is stored on a fixed medium, (such as paper, electronic - including but not limited to email - and other formats);
  • Is created or received by, or sent under the jurisdiction of a public office;
  • Documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the office.
Please note that although you are not required to fill out a form or provide your name, we may be unable to fulfill online requests without some means of contacting you. If you wish to make a request for public records without providing such information, please consider an alternative method of making your request.

Submitting a Request
There are a variety of ways to request access to public records in Ashtabula County, including: 
  • Submit your request online
  • Mail your request to:
    Ashtabula County Commissioners    
    Lisa Hawkins, Clerk of the Board
    25 W. Jefferson St.
    Jefferson, OH 44047
  • Fax your request to 440-576-2344
  • Email your request to the Commissioner's mailing list
  • Call the Commissioner’s Office at 440-576-3750
Reasonable fees are charged for copies of public records. There is no charge for onsite review of records or electronic transmission of records (subject to availability). Requests must be for specific records and must be records of the Ashtabula County Commissioners office. Records will be provided in a timely manner. 

Questions or concerns may be addressed to the Ashtabula County Commissioners Clerk of the Board, Lisa Hawkins, via email at or by calling 440-576-3750.