Modification of Support Orders

Child support orders must be reviewed every 36 months if the obligee is receiving public assistance. A review may be requested by either party every 36 months from the establishment of the order or date of the most recent review. A review may occur sooner than 36 months in the following circumstances:
  • A change in employment status of the obligor.
  • If either party experiences a loss of employment or a 30% or more reduction in income for a period of 6 months or more, which is beyond their control and is expected to continue for an extended period of time.
  • If either party becomes disabled.
  • If either party cannot pay support for the duration of the child’s minority because of institutionalization and no income or assets are available to the party which could be levied or attached for support.
  • To add additional children born to both parents to an existing order.
  • To access available health insurance.
  • If the current support award was established as a deviation from the Guidelines amount and the petitioner can show a change in the circumstances that led to the deviation, which are no longer true.
  • If a custodial parent receives any type of OWF benefits and no support order exists.
Please note, there must be at least a 10% change in the amount ordered for the order to be modified.