Civil Division

The Civil Disvision includes both the General and Tax Collection.


The responsibilities of the Civil Division attorneys include: rendering legal opinions to each of the Prosecutor’s clients upon request; negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts; drafting any other necessary legal documents; and initiating and defending civil actions and appeals on behalf of their clients in both the state and federal courts. These civil actions embody issues that are as varied and diverse as any found in the private practice of law and include: complex contract and construction issues, real property acquisitions, zoning issues, real and personal property taxation, personal injury claims, personnel and labor issues, workers’ compensation claims, constitutional claims, and civil rights violations.

In every endeavor, the Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys represent each of the Prosecuting Attorney’s clients and, in doing so, represent the taxpaying citizens of Ashtabula County, in an ethical and professional manner with the pursuit of justice as their singular priority.

A list of clients for the Civil Division includes all of the elected officals, boards, and offices is listed here.

Tax Collection

The Prosecutor’s Civil Division attorneys are also charged with representing the County Treasurer in enforcing the collection of all delinquent real and personal property taxes in Ashtabula County.

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