Ashtabula County ReadyAlert Emergency Notification

Ashtabula County ReadyAlert

 Ashtabula County ReadyAlert is Ashtabula County's emergency notification system. It allows us to alert our community with emergency messages and provide information on how to take action.

 Ashtabula County ReadyAlert uses the national Smart911 database to keep our residents informed.  It also provides information to the County 9-1-1 Dispatch Center by providing details about you, your family, and other household information. When a registered Ashtabula County resident calls 9-1-1, dispatchers can instantly see the caller's entered information, which can include address, medical and mental conditions, photos and even details about pets. This allows for faster, more accurate dispatch and drastically reduced response times.  All information entered is secure. 

Click on the Ashtabula County ReadyAlert image above and register today to ensure that we're able to keep you informed and that Ashtabula County 9-1-1 Dispatchers have more details in an emergency.