Swift911 Emergency Notification


 Ashtabula County has implemented SwiftReach’s Swift911™ alerting solution. This will allow us to alert our community with emergency messages and provide information on how to take action.

Some contact information, either provided by SwiftReach or from our internal collections, has already been uploaded in the system. However, many of our community members are not in the system.

There are two (2) simple options to opt-in and provide contact information, or change the current information we have for you.

Swift911™ WEB PORTAL

Click on the Swift911™ link above and follow instructions to provide your information. 

Swift911™ MOBILE APP

To get the Swift911™ Mobile App, simply text the word “Swift911” to “99538”. You will receive a response with a link for the Swift911™ Public App within your app store. This app is free and available on most Apple, Android and Windows smart phones.

We can only alert you of an emergency if we have your correct contact information. So please, help us help our Ashtabula County in keeping everyone informed.