How often should I receive a support check?
When a withholding order, referred to as a Notice to Income Provider to Withhold Obligor Income/Assets, is first issued, the income provider or employer has 14 days from the date the CSEA issued the withholding notice to begin making the deductions from their weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly payroll/income cycle.

Once the payroll/income cycle has been completed, the CSEA has 7 days to receive the collection. This period allows issuance of the collection through the employer/income provider's administrative process and for U.S. postal delivery of the collection to the CSEA.

Upon receipt of the collection, the CSEA has 2 business days to process the collection through SETS. Your check is then printed and mailed from a processing center located in Columbus, Ohio. The time frame for postal delivery from Columbus may vary due to location of your residence, legal holidays and seasons such as Christmas that create large volumes of mail. A reasonable allowance for U.S. postal delivery is 4 days. To determine if a collection is past due, you can complete the following formula:
  • Date payroll/income cycle ended + 9 days + postal
  • Delivery = receipt of collection

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