On the Summons, I am told to file an Answer. What is an Answer?
An Answer to a Complaint is your response to the allegations made by the Plaintiff. It should contain
  • The name of the Court,
  • The name of the Plaintiff / Lender (the person or institution who sued you),
  • The name of the Defendant or Defendants (your name),
  • The case number,
  • The name of the judge assigned to the case,
  • The title “Answer” (this can be written on the Answer in the same place as the title appears at the top of the Complaint. Replace the word “Complaint” with the word “Answer” as the title of the document you are preparing.)
  • Your signature at the end of the Answer you prepare; and
  • A statement at the end of the document following your signature certifying that you sent a copy of the Answer to each Plaintiff and to all other Defendants, and a date those copies were sent.
In the body of this document, you should respond to (admit or deny) each and every paragraph in the Plaintiff’s Complaint. If you do not know or are not sure about whether a statement is correct, you should respond by saying “The statements made in this paragraph are denied for want of knowledge.”

Once the Answer is prepared, and signed by you, it must be filed with the Clerk of Courts within 28 days from the date you receive the Summons, and copies must be sent to the Plaintiff or, if the Plaintiff is represented, to the Plaintiff’s attorney, which is listed at the end of the Complaint, and to all other Defendants. (This information appears on the Summons you receive with the Complaint.)

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2. On the Summons, I am told to file an Answer. What is an Answer?
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